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Mischievous Lamb

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Entering the school restroom, she finds her friend getting assaulted by two students. She proceeds to help her friend but instead, she gets charged in detention. She plans to retaliate the two bullies, abusing them one way or the other. Trigger Warning: This game contains mild nudity, harassment, and religious sensitive. Neither of the content (except humiliation) drives the story.

Mar 22, 2017 • Ages 16+

Visual Novel NaNoRenO

The Slice of Life of Armpit-Chan

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The boy wakes up feeling terrible only to realize he has a talking face on his armpit. The reader will guide this guy to make the choice in the process of getting rid of it while developing relationship with his armpit. Way to start off a new day!

Mar 31, 2018 • 4,163 words • Ages 13+

Visual Novel NaNoRenO