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Just Sam - Case of Lilly-Anne

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I am new to game development, so I just startetd my first adult visual novel. I am using Ren'Py and a common 3D Modeling software. The first novel is called "Just Sam: The Case of Lilly-Anne". The story: Sam is a private investigator living with her girlfriend in a big town. In her first case she stumbled into a murder case with a unknown female victim, hanged in a tree. I don't want to spoil too much about the story, You can play the first chapter to find out what happens next! If you like to support me during the process of developing this game i would appreciate that very much. Becoming a Patron will get you some benefits such as: Stay up to date with the rogression of the game Get early access to the next chapters of Just Sam So lets have a nice time and fun while playing, Your Vycron Team

Jan 15, 2018 • 1,142 words • Ages 18+

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