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Ecchi Sensei

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The teacher (You) moved with his family into a small town after accepting a new job offer. The game starts with day 1; his first day at school and of new life in this small town. The education minster of Japan built a large 25000 meter squared campus to test a new education system for the all female student body. In this game your must handle your lovely family, your new job with troublesome students, and other unexpected things that might be happen. In other words: A slice of life about a family man with a new job, in a new town. The game will include tons of fetishes. The game has over 30 characters (up to 50+ are planned). Each has a unique personality. At this point in the game there are 11 main characters.

Jul 13, 2018 • 50,000 words • Ages 18+

Visual Novel Tactics Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl