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Generic Visual Novel about an RPG World

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Welcome to the most generic visual novel you'll ever find! This is my first time developing a game, I wanted to experience the development cycle from beginning to end with all facets included (Graphics, Programming, Sound...) and decided that the best way to do it would be making the game as simple and close to a "minimal finished state" as possible. So, with that said, these are the features of the game: -A game duration of approximately 1 hour! -The most generic and bland characters you'll ever find! (Character Development? What's that?) -A soundtrack that sounds like it was made by a monkey with a synthesizer! -Black-And-Mostly-White graphics made in a vector graphics program! -A story written on the spot with nearly no preparation or thought put into it! -Lame 4th-wall breaks and references everywhere! -Featuring the default GUI of the Ren'Py engine! -Only 3-4 decisions in the whole game that don't have absolutely any effect on the ending! -It even has scrolling credits at the end! Are you ready for the most generic and boring game of your life?

Dec 17, 2020 • 6,452 words • All ages

Visual Novel Parody