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Shan Gui/Sweet Osmanthus

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It was the end of summer, a pleasant smell flaoted in the air. Two girls whose name is Han Hui and He Jia met in the mountains by chance, and they had a wonderful journey which belonged to themselves. Shan Gui is simple, and flat. It tells you a story between two girls, they walk in the mountain, for whole afternoon. It’s not hard to understand, just things of our life, with some lost, some confusion. Han Hui is a common girl, and He Jia is also a girl with happiness, althrough she is not set as human. Who comes with sadness, finally get cured by a happy girl, that’s the story we want to tell you. In the game, you may find most scenes are from Purple Mountain, Nanjing, and if you have a chance, please visit this mountain, there’s nothing fantastic, nothing mysterious here, just a quite and simple life. When I was making the game, I tried to walk in Purple Mountain, sometimes I could feel the girls passed... Maybe they are really living here? I believe that.

Nov 11, 2014 • 1.50 hours • 37,900 words • All ages

Visual Novel Kinetic Novel