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Him From The Past

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This is a story about a little girl from a conservative society in which girls and guys are separated once they grow up. It's a simple story about growing up and friendship. It's about how things change when you get older and a young girl's perspective on it. A story about two friends who were forced apart for many years despite being neighbors and how despite one's best efforts, the norm and the culture is too hard to go against. A simple story about being together with someone who you care about - without caring about labels like "love" or "just friends". And a story about letting go. It's a story of a girl and a boy from two different cultural backgrounds.

Jul 12, 2015 • 4,000 words • All ages

Visual Novel

A Fireworks Meeting

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A short, simple story about two people who although very much in love, only have one last day to spend together.

Dec 07, 2019 • 2,764 words • All ages

Kinetic Novel