Andrea Montagna

Individual creator.

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Games by Andrea Montagna:

The Seed of Love

Andrea Montagna • Home Page

A story about growing plants... And love.

Dec 17, 2015 • 2,500 words • All ages

Visual Novel Boy pursues Girl

White Worm

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A man starts having strong pains that become worse quickly. He will start a journey to find out what the cause was. And this will lead to discover an unsettling reality... Genre: horror

Mar 27, 2017 • 6,000 words • Ages 16+

Kinetic Novel

One Last Salty Kiss

Andrea Montagna • Home Page

"Would you rather lose your past, or live with the pain it caused?" After getting out of a broken relationship, Michele escapes from his daily life to the beach, in the hopes of clearing the burdens of his past. But there he will meet Azzurra, a girl who lost her memory. Helping her get it back will prove more difficult than expect, testing what caring about someone truly means...

Apr 01, 2019 • 19,500 words • Ages 18+

Visual Novel Kinetic Novel Boy pursues Girl NaNoRenO