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ADVTENNIS.PRO Reveals Mental and Physical Training for Tennis Players

Jacob Adam

Around the world, tennis is lauded as a fan favorite. It’s indeed exciting when the US Open or Wimbledon season begins and fans gather to watch their favorite players take to the court and dominate their opponents. Some of these matches can be long and grueling but at the end only one champion prevails. To become a tennis champion is not an easy road and to really excel at tennis, mental toughness is key. If you are just starting out in the game of tennis, mental toughness might not seem like a priority, especially if you are still working on your backhand or serve. If you see yourself becoming competitive in the future, your mental fitness must be as good as your physical ability. It’s critical to understand that tennis is a game played with both the mind and body. The toughness of your approach to the game is therefore very important. If your mind breaks down while facing an adversary they can use that to defeat you. It may seem trivial but one of the best ways to keep your mind strong during a game is by staying positive. Staying positive enables you to see the flaws in your own game but can also have the effect of throwing off your opponent with calm body language. By reassuring yourself instead of criticizing your approach, your mind will relax more and stay focused on the game. It’s a small trick used by many professionals in the game. Another part of improving your tennis mental toughness is learning how to avoid distractions. It’s no good if your mind is positive and calm but your eye is drawn to things that don’t concern the game. A wandering mind can seriously affect your game so practice clearing your mind of day to day activities before you step on the court. The other part of your game you should focus on is your conditioning or tennis fitness. Tennis fitness is the specific way you must prepare your body for the game. When training for tennis you’ll want to focus on exercises that will improve your speed and strength without causing you to develop too much muscle and become slower on the court. Upper body equipment such as resistance bands or bench press can help to give you the upper arm strength you need on the court. Exercises that target your chest and shoulders can help you develop a killer serve while protecting your muscles and joints from injury. Another exercise that experts recommend is the box jump because of it has low impact for your feet as well as the ability to help you gain much-needed agility to counter a powerful slam. This exercise, when combined with lateral lunges, can really help improve your physical condition for the rigorous game of tennis. Remember, tennis can be fun, but if you are thinking of making a career out of it you must take into account what is mentally and physically required before you can rise through the ranks and become a champion. For more detail visit our website:

Oct 01, 2020 • All ages

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Release Date: Oct 01, 2020
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Engine: Ren'Py

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