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Cemetery Mary


Cemetery Mary is the story about a girl who loves visiting the cemetery. When rumors of a serial killer start floating around town, she isn't too worried--that is, until her parents go missing. And in the wake of their disappearance, a message from an unknown number leaves Mary to wade through a sea of doubts and questions. Unknown Number Your parents are safe. [12:43 AM] Is the rumored "Blackwood Butcher" playing some sort of sick prank? Or is something even more sinister responsible for their disappearance? Will she be able to find the identity of the mysterious killer, or the whereabouts of her parents? Or will her meddling threaten to make her a permanent resident of the very cemetery she so admires?

Jul 24, 2020 • 2.00 hours • Ages 13+

Visual Novel Mystery

Release 1.0

This release is not yet approved.

Release Date: Jul 24, 2020
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Engine: Ren'Py

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