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Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition

Deer Dream Studios

Play hide and seek with Cabbage and the Chompettes in this self contained story! Who knows what mysteries you'll discover? Featuring Eastern European folklore in an unexpected package, the Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition will give you a taste of what's to come. More than a demo: -Six available endings -Different dialogue with each playthrough! -Short and sweet: 30 minutes to play through it once, longer to unravel the mystery! -No blood or gore -No sex or nudity -No swearing -Contains a recipe from Natasha's Kitchen you can make at home -Easter eggs and secrets...but be careful! WARNING: This game may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.

Oct 06, 2020 • 30 minutes • Ages 13+

Visual Novel Mystery

Release 1.0

This release is not yet approved.

Release Date: Oct 06, 2020
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Engine: Ren'Py

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