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Fun Times in Furryport

Randall Arrow

"Fun Times in Furryport" is an all-new, queer-friendly, adult furry dating sim with a diverse cast of characters and some new spins on the classic genre. In the current version there are 20 different characters to interact with (and get busy with), including multiple trans and non-binary characters (as well as the option for player characters to be trans or non-binary as well). Each character has a unique personality and interactive story, as well as their own sexual orientation and interests. Don't worry, though: Everyone is at least a little bit pansexual in Furryport, so regardless of your gender and anatomy you'll always have some chance. It'll just be easier for equine men to seduce the gay unicorn model, and for women to get with the heteroflexible lion stock broker. And there are several characters who are right in the middle of the Klein scale too. Create a character of your own, and dive into the wonderful world of Furryport. You can choose from a variety of species (all furry of course): foxes, wolves, lions, tigers, leopards, horses, and even unicorns are all options. You can fully customize your character's colors, and go shopping to expand your wardrobe and have more clothing colors and styles to wear. Meet new friends, spend time getting to know them, and perhaps form a romantic relationship with them. Go out to dinner, dance at the Fur Forever nightclub, work out at the gym, grab a cup at the Caffur coffee shop, or just relax on the beach. Different characters will enjoy different activities, so listen to them and watch their reactions to ensure they're having a good time. Based on the Renpy engine with some extensive additional code, "Fun Times in Furryport" will combine standard dating sim mechanics with detailed character customization, lots of bonus in-game content (books, minigames, etc.), a rich, expressive dialogue system that lets you choose almost everything your character says, and---last but certainly not least---a fully interactive real-time sex minigame.

Sep 26, 2019 • 10.00 hours • Ages 18+

Visual Novel Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

Release 1.0

This release is not yet approved.

Release Date: Sep 26, 2019
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Engine: Ren'Py 7.1.1

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