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How To Resolve the CANON PRINTER ERROR CODE 6000?

canon ij setup

Canon is the Quality printer you can set up the canon printer from the canon ij setup. it an inkjet printer. You can easily print, scan and fax the file from the canon. You can choose the printer in a different color, size and also in different price. For more query you can get the support from the canon driver support If you have any issue in your canon printer like CANON PRINTER ERROR CODE 6000 and you want to resolve it then you can take read the below steps. Restart your printer In the first step leave your printer in the mode of pause. Then unplugged it from the power source. In the power source plug in the cord. Start the Canon printer. I am holding the power button for a few seconds. Again repeat the process. On the power button of the printer slowly. Again hit on the stop button four times. Resolve line feed issues for clean the LF and Ej use the non-corrosive solution fix the if the paper is the jam in your printer then it is also the reason for this error so for the resolution you can remove the sheet slowly and carefully too. If you still have this issue, then you can get the help from the canon printer customer support. They have the best technician who will instantly resolve your problem remotely.

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